The Crash Course has a flexible timeline (the self-study mode). Thus, you can combine participation in the course with work or other activities. Participation in the crash course can only improve your academic performance – it is up to you wether you want to complete an individual task -  your performance will not be scored or assessed by the University academic staff!
Pre-med Anatomy Crash Course
Jan Kochanowski University - Collgium Medicum
Online Anatomy pre-med course
Specialized course. Adjusted to UJK - Collegium Medicum's curriculum
The course has been specially designed for international students studying medicine at UJK. It is fully adapted to Collegium Medicum's requirements. The course supports students in acquiring extensive knowledge by improving memory capacities of anatomy terminology and scientific aspects.
The online course was designed by scientific staff of Jan Kochanowski University and aims at increasing passing rate of Anatomy course. Jan Kochanowski University - Collegium Medicum recommends Anatomy Pre-med course to all accepted candidates!
Prepared in collaboration with UJK
Human Anatomy e-Text
The course includes a fully interactive digital version of the Human Anatomy book. It's considered one of the most detailed books about the human body, which helps students absorb knowledge in a visual way. The book also contains summaries, review questions and clinical applications facts for a practical understanding of Anatomy
Dynamic Study Modules
Science-backed algorithm learning
The course is integrated with Dynanic Study Modules which uses scientific algorythms to make sure you will learn the material
Fully interactive course
Increase knowledge retention even up to 60%!
The course includes a number of interactive features inc. Art-labeling Activities, Animations & Videos, Lab tools and Flashcards (vocabluary builder). All that to help you learn quicker and remember longer. 
Interactive data gives tutorials on how to work through challenging material, engaging videos with 3D animation and personal coaching videos
Dynamic study modules/adaptive follow up’s
Features that analyze your performance to provide personalized content in real-time. Targets your particular strengths and weaknesses
Result track
Allows you to monitor your performance in real time to identify the areas where you struggle the most 
Study area
Your own study place with self-check questions library, Art-labeling activities, Animations & videos, lab tools, Flashcards and much more
Whats's inside?
Pre-med Anatomy Course
for UJK - Collegium Medicum
To buy the course contact Owl-Med via:

WhatsApp +48 573 255 314

Purpose: support students of M.D. program to:

✓ gain the anatomy knowledge in an easy & interactive way

✓ build scientific vocabluary requied for the futher subjects learning

✓ successfully complete the Anatomy course at UJK - Collegium Medicum

✓ 1-year access to all the feature inc. e-Text, videos & flashcards

Price: 350 EUR

Requirements: none (each candidate can take part in the course)
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